Home Safety Tips

This page will contain information about how to keep you and your family safe. Click on any of the following links that are of interest to you. If you have any questions, please contact your nearest fire station or one of the Fire and Life Safety Educators.

General Fire Safety Tips

Teach your children what to do in case of a fire - get low and get out of the house - go to the designated meeting place - never go back in the house for a toy or pet.

Have a fire evacuation plan and practice it with your family!

Around the House Safety Tips
After the Fire
Bedroom Safety Tips
Candle Safety Tips
Carbon Monoxide
Childproofing Your Home
Child Tamper-Proof Cabinet Locks
Cooking Safety
Crib Safety
Dryer and Washing Machine Safety
Electrical Fire Safety
Electrical Devices & Appliances
Fire Drills
Fire Escape Plans
Fire Extinguishers
Fireplace & Wood Stove Safely
Fire Prevention Week
Flammable Fabrics
Garage Safety Tips
Grilling Safety Tips
Heating Safety Tips
Heat Stress
Holiday Fire Safety
Home Fire Safety
Home Fire Sprinklers
Home Office
Kids and Fires
Kids and Guns
Kitchen Fire Safety Tips
Ladder Safety
Manufactured Homes Safety
Matches & Lighters
Microwave Safety
Mini Blind Cords
Nursery Safety
People with Disabilities
Playground Safety
Pool Safety
Prevent Airway Obstruction
.Rural Home Fire Safety & Prevention
Safe Steps
Security Bars
Seniors and Fire
Sleepover Fire Safety
Smoke Alarms
Smoke & You
Stop, Drop and Roll
Water Safety Indoors

Spring & Summer Safety Tips
Fireworks Safety Tip
Lightning Safety
Personal Watercraft
Spring Cleaning
Summer Safety
Vacation Camping & Outdoors Water Safety

Winter Holidays Safety Tips
Halloween Safety Tips
Christmas Tree Fires
Turkey Oil Fryers
Winter and Holiday Safety
What To Do After Christmas

Natural Distasters Safety Tips
Disaster Supplies Kit
Summer Storm
Tornado or Hurricane
Winter Storm Safety Tips

The Work Place Safety Tips
Fire Extinguishers in the Work Place
High-Rise Safety

Fire Safety Links
National Candle Association
National Fire Protection Association
Federal Emergency Management Agency
Consumer Products Safety Commission
National Council on Fireworks Safety
Sleep Products Safety Council
U..S.Fire Adminstration
Juvenile Firesetting Intervention

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